Saturday, May 28, 2016

Cloud the Sheep

This is Cloud the Sheep he is on the way to Africa to visit my new grandchild.  He is going to be taking some baby clothes as well - watch this space 

I have never been able to follow a pattern to the letter, this pattern has several techniques and suggests alternatives


English terminology

1#. I used lucet cord made with DK, double DK for tail, twisted cord could also be used
2# you could replace with I cord
4# you may use embroidery of magic loop with 6-8 stitches

Tool for knitting legs
5# I put stiches on a thin cord or you could use the chain as a cord to ge the density. The return stiches are also on the same cord

Start 4 trebles in one stitch, 5 loops on hook, Please look up how to do this on you tube


1# 1m thin cord 2mm
2# knitting dolly
3# 3.5 mm crochet hook
black yarn DK
White/Cream yarn DK
toy stuffing
yarn needles
4# eyes


(increase 6 in each row until you reach 42)
Row 1 6dc in magic loop
Row 2 12dc 2 in each stitch
Row 3 18dc, 1dc, 2 in next stitch
Row 4 24dc, 2dc, 2 in next stitch
Row 5 30dc, 3dc, 2 in next stitch
Row 6 36dc, 4dc, 2 in next stitch
Row 7 42dc, 5dc, 2 in next stitch

Bobble pattern
Row 8 3 half trebles 1 bobble 8 times 10st half treble
Row 9 dc
Row 10 1 half treble bobble 3 half treble 8 times end on boble 9 half treble
Row 11 dc
continue bobble pattern until bobble pattern in 1.5 diameter of end

End Row 1 5dc 2dc together (36st)
End Row 2 4dc 2dc together (30st)
End Row 3 3dc 2dc together (24st)
End Row 4 2dc 2dc together (18st)
Stuff with toy filling

End Row 5 1dc 2dc together (12st)

End Row 6 2dc together (6st)
finish stuffing finish off

Legs 2 Pairs

With knitting dolly knit 4 10 pieces (length of body)
  • Thread cord on one leg pass through underside of body out other side thread knitted dolly pieces on each end
  • sew dolly pieces on to body
  • finish off ends of legs attaching ends of dolly pieces to cord
  • knot feet
  • repeat other end



  • chain 6
  • dc in 3 to 6 stitch 2 more in end
  • 4dc 2 more in end stitch
  • increase 3 each end until width of head 2/3 diam of body
  • decrease 3 stitches each end until ends are touching fill sew up

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